Gray Downlight White Reflector


Grijze downlight witte reflector

Burning hours 102,000 (L80B10)

Efficiency up to 140 lm/W

max 2,650 lumens

bearing optional

Max LED Downlight Desert Eagle Grey- White reflector

None 0,3-0,5M1 snoer met MALE GST18i3 Aansluiting +£7.86 1,5M1 snoer met EURO stekker +£6.16

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None KGP 21W LED Driver (150-500mA dipswitch) KGP TRIAC 20W LED Driver (350-500mA dipswitch) +£16.96 KGP DALI 21W LED Driver (150-500mA dipswitch) +£24.61
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Gray Downlight White Reflector

Max LED Downlight Desert Eagle Grey - Stark White reflector

Black Downlight Gold Reflector: Our Max LED Downlight Stealth Black – Solid Gold reflector combine stylish design with functionality. The deep black finish of the downlights create a contemporary look, while the gold reflectors provide a

Gray Downlight White Reflector: Our MAX LED Downlight Desert Eagle Grey – Stark White reflector combines outstanding design with functionality. The unique gray finish of the downlight creates a contemporary look, while the white reflector adds a bright and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Gray Downlight with White Reflector is perfect for a variety of spaces ranging from living rooms to dining rooms and offices. The white reflector provides even light distribution, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, these downlights are energy efficient and durable, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also brings practical benefits.

Enhance the allure and modernity of your space by choosing this unique lighting option with a Gray Downlight and White Reflector, also known as Desert Eagle Grey and Stark White.

Zwarte Downlight gouden reflector gang

Max LED Downlight Desert Eagle Grey - Stark White reflector

Socially produced in Tolbert

With unwavering dedication, our Gray Downlights with White Reflector undergo a thorough process of powder coating and assembly. This craftsmanship is carefully carried out within Novatec’s specialized workshop and paint shop. As a result, our light transcends the boundaries of mere functionality. Involving individuals distant from the labor market in the regular production process not only promotes economic continuity, but also has a broader meaning. This initiative thrives independently of subsidies.

Moreover, our assemblers foster a profound appreciation for their work. Realizing that they are an integral part of the manufacturing of these downlights reinforces their sense of self-worth and commitment. Every product that leaves our workshop carries not only the craftsmanship, but also the pride and satisfaction of everyone who contributed to its creation. Thus, our downlights not only spread beautiful light, but also tell a story of community, inclusivity and high quality.

Desert Eagle Grey - Stark White reflector

Sustainable from A to Z

An authentically sustainable product comes from thorough considerations of impact throughout its entire life cycle: from production and use to disposal. That’s why our Gray Downlights with White Reflector are developed with utmost care.

Durable material use

Aluminum is among the select group of fully recyclable materials, with sources of recycled aluminum available. Using recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed to manufacture new aluminum. A deliberate choice of an alloy that optimally combines with recycled aluminum results in a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 90%. The MAX LED Downlights were purposefully designed with recycled aluminum in mind and with easy recycling in mind at the end of their useful life. Thanks to our local powder coating process, supported by powder coating from our Italian supplier, we have precise insight into the coating recipe. This allows us to ensure quality, manage health impacts and reduce our dependence on the global supply chain. This process not only strengthens our carbon footprint, but also ensures consistency in the quality of the final product. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond aesthetics; it is an intrinsic aspect of both our production method and philosophy.

Sustainable durable electronic design

The total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective highlights an essential element of sustainable products: the cost over the entire life of the product. While an initial focus on low cost can often serve immediate financial needs, this rarely proves to be the most beneficial approach in the long run.

With determination, we designed our MAX LED Downlights to exceed any TCO calculation. This results in a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours (L80B10) and industry-leading energy efficiency (up to 140 lm/W). While initial costs are significant, we place our emphasis on offering a product that not only contributes to long-term sustainability and cost savings, but also meets the highest performance standards. Our vision extends beyond the initial purchase, with the goal of assuring our customers of a cost-effective, high-quality lighting solution over the long term

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